Managed CPanel VPS

Work with Zordio's expert staff to provide state of the art hosting to your customers without the headaches of maintaining your own infrastructure.

Managed CPanel VPS Overview

A Managed CPanel VPS lets you provide hosting to your own customers without the complexity of maintaining your own server. Rely on our experts for an economical, flexible, and scalable business platform. No technical skills required for you to start your own web hosting business. Zordio is your loyal provider and is here to support you as a knowledgable, reliable and ethical partner.

CP-VPS Basic

Start your web hosting business here.

  • $60/mo
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20GB Disk Space
  • /29 IP Block
  • 1MB Bandwidth

CP-VPS Deluxe

We grow with you as your business grows.

  • $100/mo
  • 2GB RAM
  • 40GB Disk Space
  • /29 IP Block
  • 1MB Bandwidth

CP-VPS Premium

More power to the power seller.

  • $160/mo
  • 4GB RAM
  • 80GB Disk Space
  • /29 IP Block
  • 2MB Bandwidth

CP-VPS Enterprise

To the next level!

  • $250/mo
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 4GB RAM
  • 160GB Disk Space
  • /29 IP Block
  • 5MB Bandwidth

CPanel 11

Give yourself full control of your hosting enviroment.

PHP 5.3

All our servers are equipped with PHP 5.3.


The most popular database solution.


Quickly install many popular web applications.

Hosting Plans

Choose that plan that's right for you.

Plans CPanelVPS Basic CPanelVPS Deluxe CPanelVPS Premium CPanelVPS Enterprise
Plans CPanelVPS Basic CPanelVPS Deluxe CPanelVPS Premium CPanelVPS Enterprise
Secure Checkout Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now
Monthly Rate $60 $100 $160 $250
Annual Rate (2 Months Free) $600 $1000 $1600 $2500
Virtual CPU(s) 1 1 1 2
Total Disk Space 20GB 40GB 80GB 160GB
Bandwidth 1Mbps 1Mbps 2Mbps 5Mbps
30 Day Backup History Optional Optional Optional Optional
Bandwidth Options
1Mbps Bandwidth Included Included Not Available Not Available
2Mbps Bandwidth $20 $20 Included Not Available
5Mbps Bandwidth $60 $60 $40 Included
10Mbps Bandwidth $120 $120 $100 $60
IP Addresses Options
/29 IP Block (5 usable IP's) Included
/28 IP Block (13 usable IP's) $10
/27 IP Block (29 usable IP's) $20


Do I need to purchase a separate CPanel license?
No, licenses for CPanel and Installatron (an application installer) are included with any CPanel VPS.
What happens if I have more than 100 accounts on my CPanel VPS?
You can not have more than 100 accounts on a CPanel VPS. This is a limitation of the license and of resources available to a VPS. If you need more than 100 accounts, you will need to purchase an additional CPanel VPS.
How difficult is it to change my CPanel VPS plan?
Very easy! Since the number of accounts is the same for every plan, you can upgrade or downgrade your resources as you need.
Do I have to do upgrades on the CPanel VPS myself?
No, Zordio can manage the upgrades for you. Or, we can give you access to do upgrades on your own.
Do I get root access on a Managed CPanel VPS?
No. If you need root access check out our Virtual Private Server plans.
Does Zordio get any portion of my hosting income?
No. All we get is the listed monthly rate. Whatever income you generate from your CPanel VPS account is yours.
Will Zordio ever contact my customers directly?
In general, no. The only time we would is if you explicitly request that we work directly with a customer.