Remote PBX

Zordio's Remote PBX provides the perfect solution for your growing company. Ideal for the single or distributed office environment. Give your telecommuting employees an extension at home.

Remote PBX Overview

Whether you have one office or many, a Zordio Remote PBX helps you keep everyone connected. And since the PBX is located in our secure datacenter, you can always be sure of your PBX being online even if your office isn't. This allows callers to reach your PBX and get information or leave messages, even in events such as a power failure which leaves all of your phones off. Or, callers trying to reach your extension may still be able to get through to your cell phone while all around is dark.

Features include standards such as voice mail and call forwarding, as well as ring groups and call queues. You can set up extensions that forward to a remote phone, such as a cell phone, as well as configure your extension to try several extensions when calling you. Give your callers options and play announcements with Digital Receptionists. Zordio Remote PBX's work with any SIP or IAX devices.

Remote PBX

Unlimited incoming lines.

  1. $60/mo
  2. $60 setup
  3. 5 Extensions
  4. 1 DID


Worlds leading open source PBX (Private Branch eXchange) or commonly known as a phone system.


Feature-rich easy-to-use management interface to your PBX.

Hosting Plans

Choose that plan that's right for you.

PlansRemote PBX
PlansRemote PBX
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Monthly Rate $60
Setup Fee $60
Extensions 5
Simultaneous Calls Unlimited
DID's 1
CallerID w/Name Included
E911 Included
Inbound $0.02/min
Outbound $0.02/min
US Toll-free Inbound $0.03/min
Canada Toll-free Inbound $0.08/min
+5 Extensions $20/mo
Direct Inward Dial Numbers
US DID's $2.00/mo (bulk discount after 5)
Canadian DID's $4.00/mo (bulk discount after 5)
Toll-free Number $5.00/mo (bulk discount after 10)
Call Blocks
2000 Minutes Standard 1 $35
2000 Minutes US Toll-free $50
2000 Minutes Canada Toll-free $140
Other One-time Charges
Number Port-in $15
Vanity Toll-free Number $10

Standard call block applies to incoming and outgoing calls, excluding toll-free.

Unused minutes in the US toll-free block are applied to standard calls.

Unused minutes in the Canada toll-free block are applied to US toll-free and standard calls (in that order) at a 2:1 ratio (e.g., 100 Canadian toll-free minutes become 200 US toll-free minutes).


What kind of connection is needed to use a Remote PBX?
A high speed interent connection with at least 100Kbps of bandwidth (both upload and download) available per phone. For best results we recomend a T1. We can not make any quality guarantees with cable, DSL, or wireless connections.
What type of phone is needed to use a Remote PBX?
Any SIP or IAX phone will work. A PBX is also capable of routing calls to standard land lines or cellular phones.
What is the advantage of a Remote PBX?
Built and maintained by Zordio, a Remote PBX provides a hassle free phone system. Our secure data center with uninterruptable power supplies and multiple redundant network connections ensures maximum availability of your phone system.
Can I take my phone with me?
Yes! You can have an extension anywhere that has an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.
Does every SIP channel have its own phone number?
Not necessarily, though it can. The number of phone numbers and SIP channels do not need to be equal.
How many calls can I have at once on my PBX?
You can have unlimited simultaneous calls, up to what your bandwidth allows.
What limits the number of simultaneous phones in use?
This is limited by your available bandwidth.
Do I really need 100Kbps per phone?
Not necessarily, but it is recommended for the best performance. For example, if you had 10 phones for 5 people (eg, one office and one home for telecommuting), then 500Kbps would be sufficient. If you had 10 phones and all 10 were likely to be in use at the same time, you could see significant audio problems if you did not have 1000Kbps bandwidth.
Does the number of phones limit the number of extensions?
No. You can have, for example, voicemail-only extensions.
I have a lot of phones. Would it be better to have a local PBX?
For a single office, this would save on bandwidth necessary for extensions. You would also be responsible for all maintenance, configuration, and backups of your PBX. We will work with you to help you determine if you would be better served by a Remote PBX or a local PBX.