SSL Certificates

Secure 256-bit SSL certificates provide industry standard data encryption. Let Zordio install your certificate today.

SSL Certificates Overview

Secure your business and provide your customers with an added level of security.



Perfect for your small business.

  1. $30/yr
  2. 256-bit
  3. Free Install


Premium SSL certificate.

  1. $125/yr
  2. 256-bit
  3. Organization Validated
  4. Mobile Compatible

True BusinessID EV

Get the green bar!

  1. $500/yr
  2. 256-bit
  3. Green Bar

True BusinessID Wildcard

Works on any subdomain.

  1. $650/yr
  2. 256-bit
  3. Organization Validated

SSL Certificates

Choose the certificate that's right for you.

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Why do I need an SSL certificate?
SSL certificates allow you to securely encrypt web traffic.
Can I get a single certificate for a domain and the www subdomain?
Yes. Order a certificate for www.(your domain) and it will also cover (your domain).