Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions here. If the answer isn't here, don't hesitate to Contact Us.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, checks, and money orders.
Where can I find your terms of service?
Our terms of service page page can be found here.
Do you maintain a firewall on your network?
For your security of the servers we maintain a "default deny" firewall. We have found this approach to be very effective at stopping virus and exploits from penetrating our network. If you wish to use a non standard port please Contact Us.

Shared Hosting

Do shared hosting accounts include root access?
No. If you need root access check out our Virtual Private Server plans.
Does shared hosting support SSL?
In order to have SSL on your site, you need a unique IP. This is optional for the Deluxe and Professional plans, and included with the Enterprise plan.
Can I have more than one IP?
Only Reseller Hosting and Virtual Private Server accounts may have multiple IPs.
Can I have more than one account on my unique IP?
No, you can only put one account on a unique IP. If you want to put multiple accounts on an IP, you would need a Reseller Hosting account.
Can you set up my website for me?
All accounts include Fantastico and Installatron, which make installing many popular web packages easy. We will help with installation and configuration, and can put you in touch with companies that do web design.

Reseller Hosting

Do reseller hosting accounts include root access?
No. If you need root access check out our Virtual Private Server plans.
Does Zordio get any portion of my hosting income?
No. All we get is the listed monthly rate. Whatever income you generate from your Reseller account is yours.
Will Zordio ever contact my customers directly?
In general, no. The only time we would is if you explicitly request that we work directly with a customer. Other than that, we will always communicate with you regarding your customer accounts.
What if I want a Reseller plan that allows for more than 100 accounts?
At this point, you would need to get another Reseller account, which would be on a different physical server. We do this to help keep our servers robust and to keep any given server from becoming overloaded.
Are the accounts I create limited by the total used disk space and bandwidth, or the total available disk space and bandwidth?
Reseller accounts are limited by the total used disk space and bandwidth. ie, if you are allowed 100GB of monthly bandwidth, you could set up 20 accounts which have 10GB bandwidth available, but average 5GB each.

Virtual Private Servers

What licenses are included with your VPS plans?
The customer is responsible for maintaining all licenses.
Can I resell hosting?
Yes, you can do whatever you like with your VPS.
If I install CPanel on a VPS, will Zordio manage it for me?
No, you are responsible for managing your VPS
What virtualization technology do you use?
We use OpenVZ for our VPS's.

Dedicated Servers

What is dedicated hosting?
With dedicated hosting, you lease a complete physical server. This server is not shared with any other users, as with Shared Hosting or a VPS.
My server has RAID. Do I still need backups?
Multiple hard drives protects against hardware failure, but should not be considered a backup. RAID does not protect against file corruption or deletion.
Who owns my dedicated server? Am I responsible for hardware maintenance on it?
The server is owned and maintained by Zordio.

Colocation Services

Can you host non rack mounted equipment?
Yes. Please Contact Us for a custom quote.
Can you maintain my hardware for me?
Hardware maintenance on a colo box incurs extra hourly charges, as well as any hardware used. Service plans are available. You may also want to consider a Dedicated Server.

SSL Certificate

Why do I need an SSL certificate?
SSL certificates allow you to securely encrypt web traffic.
Can I get a single certificate for a domain and the www subdomain?
Yes. Order a certificate for www.(your domain) and it will also cover (your domain).


What is a top level domain?
A top level domain is so named because it is at the top of the hierarchy of web addresses provided by the internet name system. Essentially, it's the end of a web address. The TLD of "" is "com", for example. What this means is that and can be different sites owned by different people. Many businesses (including Zordio) register their domain under multiple TLDs and redirect all visitors to their main site.
Should I register my domain under multiple TLDs?
Registering your domain under multiple TLD's is not required, nor particularly important for a personal site. For a professional site, it can be useful, both to make it easier for people to remember your domain, and to prevent others from registering your domain under an alternate TLD. The latter can sometimes cause confusion, even when not done deliberately.
What are the purposes and restrictions for each top-level domain (TLD)?
Different TLD's have different restrictions. The restrictions are described below.
No restrictions.
No restrictions. Intended for organizations serving the public interest.
No restrictions.
Can only be used for a business or commercial use.
No restrictions.
BZ -
No restrictions. .bz is usually intended for business domains.
CC -
No restrictions.
ME -
No restrictions.
TV -
Intended for rich and dynamic media on the web.
WS -
No restrictions.