Privacy Policy

The privacy of its customers is very important to Zordio. Unless it has reason to believe a customer has violated the Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") or the Terms and Condition ("T&C"), Zordio does not monitor the content of data transmitted through its network, nor does it monitor the content of stored customer data.

Zordio will not share its customers' personal data without their consent, and will only provide information to the government if a properly-authorized order is presented. Within the limits of a governmental order, Zordio will provide the required information in a manner it believes will best benefit the customer.

Zordio uses cookies to track users' activities on its website, in order to improve its system. This information is not shared with any third parties.

Zordio provides services to customers who resell the services ("Resellers") to their own clients. Normally, Zordio will only contact Resellers' clients at the Reseller's request. However, in the event that the Reseller is delinquent in paying for the services Zordio provides, Zordio reserves the right to approach the delinquent Reseller's clients in order to collect or continue providing services.

In the event of an AUP or T&C violation, customer loses all rights and the terms of the Privacy Policy will no longer apply. Zordio reserves the right to notify the authorities in the event that it discovers illegal material stored on or illegal activities being carried out over its computer or telecommunications system. Zordio also reserves the right, in the event of an AUP or T&C violation, to immediately cancel the customer's account and delete all data stored on Zordio's network.

Zordio reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, without notice.

Updated 08/01/2009.