Troubleshooting VoIP Phones

Voice Over Internet Protocol is an alternative to traditional telephone service which takes advantage of digital infrastructure in transmitting a voice as data over the internet, reducing the cost to the consumer on long distance calls.  A VOIP phone must be connected to a working internet connection in order to function correctly.  If your connection isn't working properly, that issue needs to be addressed first.  Also make sure that your phone is the only one affected.  If none of the phones in your office are working, or only the phones connected to one router or switch aren't working, the problem is 'upstream' of your phone.

If a phone doesn't work at all, go through the following steps to make sure the problem is with the phone and not its connections:

1.  Powercycle the phone: unplug the power cord, wait for the display to go blank, wait five more seconds, then plug the phone back in.  Check to see if the display comes back on normally.

2.  Confirm that the data cable from the wall is plugged into the port on the phone marked 'network', that the data cable going from the phone to the PC is plugged into the port marked 'PC', and that the cables are plugged all the way in.

3.  Unplug the phone and plug it in where another phone works.

If these steps don't clear up the source of the problem, call support at (517) 679-0699 x 1 or open a ticket at our website and walk the support specialist through what you've already tried.  This will assist with the troubleshooting process.

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