Automatically delete spam or move to a different folder

It is possible to automatically move or delete incoming emails which have been tagged as spam, with the following steps:

  1. Log into webmail
  2. Select Email Filtering
  3. Click Create a new Filter
  4. Name the rule.  example: move spam to folder
  5. In the Rules box, select Spam Bar from the drop-down
  6. Enter the number of +'s equal to the minimum spam score you want to move or delete in the text box under Spam Bar.  eg, to move all emails with a spam score of 7 or higher, enter +++++++
  7. Select the action.  Deliver to Folder is recommended.  If you select this option, you should then click the Change button to choose which folder the spam should be delivered to.
  8. Click Activate.

NOTE: If you choose to automatically delete spam, you will not know if messages are incorrectly tagged as spam (false positives).  We do not recommend automatic deletion.

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