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  1. Knowledge Base Article Accessing web-based email

    If you haven't configured an email client, or are on a computer without one configured for your...

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  2. Knowledge Base Article Announce-only mailing lists

    By default, when you set up a MailMan mailing list, anyone can send messages to it.  These...

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  3. Knowledge Base Article Automatically delete spam or move to a different folder

    It is possible to automatically move or delete incoming emails which have been tagged as spam,...

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  4. Knowledge Base Article Backups and Restoring within cPanel

    "Backups" can be found in the "Files" box, which is usually the third box down on the main cPanel...

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  5. Knowledge Base Article cPanel email settings

    General Settings To send or receive email, use your full email address (e.g.,...

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  6. Knowledge Base Article How do I manage my cPanel notifications?

    Want to change what email address your cPanel notifications are sent to?  Click on Update...

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  7. Knowledge Base Article Installing Magento

    Magento is a powerful and feature-rich open source eCommerce platform. Installation of Magento...

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  8. Knowledge Base Article Password Reset

    If you have forgotten your password, follow the following steps to get a new password:...

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  9. Knowledge Base Article Resetting your cPanel password from your Client Area

    Your cPanel password can be changed from your Service Details page in the Client Area at our...

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  10. Knowledge Base Article SSH access

    By default, SSH access to your cPanel account is disabled.  This is done to maintain a more...

    Views 3136

  11. Knowledge Base Article Thunderbird "Domain Name Mismatch" error

    When using encryption to check or send email with Thunderbird, you may get a "Domain Name...

    Views 5554

  12. Knowledge Base Article Using Roundcube webmail

    Roundcube is a newer webmail program, designed to be simpler and more visually appealing. ...

    Views 4431

  13. Knowledge Base Article View full headers of an email

    To view the full headers of an email: Outlook Express (most versions): Right-click on the...

    Views 4072

  14. Knowledge Base Article Zordio Email Size Limits

    Zordio places an upper size limit of 50MB on all email passing through its email servers. ...

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